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Rama Parsian Laboratory established in 1999 in order to perform required tests any types of on enameled or annealed wires for Rama Parsian Company. Also, in order to do required tests for Standard Organization and other customers, it was accredited by Iran National Standard Organization in 2005 and, then, in 2010, the Laboratory received the “certificate of ISO/IEC 17025 for Test laboratories” from National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI).


You can see the 17025 certificate for Rama Parsian Laboratory Here.



Testing any types of round and flat, copper and aluminum winding wires such as enameled, annealed and paper-tape covered wires according to IEC and other standard requirements.



2nd Golchehr Ave. west Dr. Hessabi Blvd, Abourayhan Blvd, Eshtehard industrial Park, Karaj, Iran.